ISPC-2 / Rome, Italy / September 18 - 23, 1975 / Edited by A.T. Bell, Charles Beckett, E. Molinari and H. Suhr
I: Elementary Reactions in Plasmas
download I.1Elementary Reactions and the Interpretation of Measurements of Chemically Reacting Non L.T.E. Plasmas
Drawin. H.W.
download I.2Relaxation Times of Excited States in Optically Thin Plasmas
Cacciatore. M., Capitelli. M.
download I.3Excitation Transfer between Rare Gases Metastables and Nitrogen in Glow Discharges
Ricard. A., Touzeau. M.
download I.4Elementary Energy Transfer Process in Plasmas: A New Approach to the Problem
Varracchio. E.F.
download I.5Experimental and Theoretical Treatment of Electron Impact in Molecular Gases
Bauer. G.H.
download I.6Atom and Radical Effects in Co-N2-He
Morgan. W.L., Fisher. E.R.
download I.7Electron Energy Distributions, Vibrational Excitation and Rates of Dissociation in Plasmas of Moderate Pressures
Capezzuto. P., Cramarossa. F., d'Agostino. R., Molinari. E.
download I.8Chemi-Ionization Reactions in Accelerated Crossed-Molecular Beams
Wexler. S., Young. C.E., Dehmer. P.M., Cohen. R.B.
download I.9Chemi-Ionization Reactions of Metals with O, O2, OH and Halogens in Crossed Molecular Beams
Cohen. R.B., Majeres. P., Peplinski. D.
download I.10Identification of the Primary Ion in Some Chemi-Ionization Processes in a Fast Flow Reactor
Bayes. K.D., Gardner. M.P., Vinckier. C.
download I.11Atmospheric Ion Chemistry
Warneck. P.
download I.12Associative Ionization Reactions and Secondary Reactions of Ions Formed in Magnetically Confined Plasmas
Fite. W.L., Lo. H.H., Vasu. P.
download I.13Inelastic Ion-Atom Collisions: Cross Sections for Electronic Excitation
Aquilanti. V., Casavecchia. P.
download I.14Kinetic Energy Dependance of Some Ion-Neutral Reaction Rate Constants
Lindinger. W., Albritton. D.L., Fehsenfeld. F.C., Ferguson. E.E.
download I.15Ion-Molecule Reactions in Hydrocarbon Oxydations
Vinckier. C., Gardner. M.P., Bayes. K.D.
download I.16Production of Negative Ion Rich Plasma in Electronegative Gases
Bacal. M., Doucet. H.J.
download I.17Mass Spectrometric Study of Ions in Rich (C2H4/O2/N2) Flames
Delfau. J.L., Michaud. P., Barassin. A.
download I.18Cinetique de la Chaine de Reactions O2-->H+(H2O)n entre 80 et 120 K
Thomas. R., Burke. R.R.
II: Diagnostic Techniques in Plasma Chemistry
download II.1Some Nobel Diagnostic Techniques for Plasma Chemistry
Kaufman. M.
download II.2On Interpretation of Temperature Measurements by Contact Methods in Multicomponent Reacting Plasma and Gasses
Khait. Y.L.
download II.3Diagnostic of an Organic Vapour Plasma from the Admittance Characteristics of a Spherical Probe
Treguier. J.P., Vuillermoz. B., Jan. M.
download II.4Different Forms of Low Pressure Discharge Plasma in Oxygen
Kocian. P.
download II.5Propane Combustion in an Oxygen Microwave Plasma
Chamboux. J., Diamy. A.M., Gonzales. N., Ben-Aim. R.I.
download II.6Theoretical Analysis of Flowing Combustion Plasmas
Jensen. D.E., Wilson. A.S.
download II.7Mass-Spectrometric Sampling of the Ionic and Neutral Species Present in Different Regions of an RF Discharge in Methane
Vasile. M.J., Smolinsky. G.
download II.8Diagnostics of Negative Ions in Low Pressure Plasamas
Doucet. H.J., Bacal. M.
download II.9Spectroscopic Analysis of the Nitrogen recombination in a Flowing Afterglow Discharge
Richard. A.
download II.10Etude theorique du premier systeme positif de l'azone en vue de son utilisation comme moyen de diagnostique dans les plasmas d'azote
Serre. C., Baronnet. J.M., Fauchais. P.
download II.11Direct Detection of Argon Metastable Atoms in a Hollow Cathode Discharge in Argon
Mark. T.D., Egger. F., Stori. H.
download II.12Opto-electronic Method for Plasma Velocity Measurements
Gold. D.
download II.13Diagnostics in the ns-Range of High Pressure Spark Plasmas
Albrecht. H., Maly. R., Saggau. B., Wagner. E.
download II.14Presentation of the Graphyor System
Delcroix. J.L.
III: Plasma Engineering
download III.1Plasma Engineering for Metallurgy and Inorganic Materials Technology
Rykalin. N.N.
download III.2Plasma Furnaces for Gas Heating and for Melting
Schoumaker. H.R.P.
download III.3A Constricted Arc Cooled by a Chemically Reacting Gas
Kruger. H.
download III.4Unipolar Arcs in High-Current Density Electrolysis of Water
Basletic. R., Sternberg. Z.
download III.5Scaling in a Radiofrequency Discharge
Flamm. D.L.
download III.6A Multi-Zoned Flow Model for Silent Discharge Reactors
Khan. A.A., Howarth. C.R.
download III.7Transport Phenomena in Thermal Plasmas; Report on the Meeting in Odeilo
Bonet. C.
download III.8Chemical Reactions in D. C. Arc Plasma and Radical Temperature Distribution
Rekalic. M., Ikonomov. N., Todorovic. M., Pavlovic. B., Vukanovic. V.
download III.9Formation of Titanium and Zirconium Nitrides in a Nitrogen Plasma Arc
Matsumoto. O.
download III.10Experimental Determination of Lowering of the Ionisation Energy in High Density Plasmas of Some Metals (Al, Si)
Honle. K., Osterrieder. W., Krempl. H.
IV: Chemical Reactions under Plasma Conditions
download IV.1Heterogeneous Reactions in Non-isothermal Low Pressure Plasmas. Preparative Aspects and Applications
Veprek. S.
download IV.2Study of the Chemical Mechanism Produced by Chlorine and Oxygen Molecules in a Methane Glow Discharge
Amouroux. J.
download IV.3Studies of the Glow Discharge. Reactions of Methanol and Ethanol
Kaup. J., Eisen. O.
download IV.4The Plasma Decarbonylation of Organic Compounds
Szabo. A., Suhr. H.
download IV.5Emission Spectra and Chemical Reactions of Fluorine-Substituted Benzene in a High Frequency Discharge
Gilbert. R., Theoret. A.
download IV.6Diagnostic of the Electronic and Neutral Components of a Flowing Ar/p-Xylene Glow Discharge
Weixelbaum. L., Wittrich. H., Roth. L.
download IV.7Mass Spectrometric Studies of Fluorocarbon Glow Discharge
Coburn. J.W., Kay. E.
download IV.8Study of Polymerisation with Electron Density Monitored
Vuillermoz. B., Jan. M., Treguier. J.P.
download IV.9Analysis of Plasma Polymerized Hydrocarbons by Pyrolysis and Gaschromatography
Seeger. M., Gritter. R.J., Tibbitt. J., Shen. M., Bell. A.T.
download IV.10Structural Characteristics of Plasma Polymerized Hydrocarbons
Tibbitt. J.M., Bell. A.T., Shen. M.
download IV.11Formation of Aluminium or Silicon Nitrides by Means of Nitrogen Plasma Jets
Bourdin. D., Fauchais. P., Grimaud. A.
download IV.12Carbides Mixture in a Plasma Reactor
Angelin. L., Cevales. G.
download IV.13Chemiluminescent Processes in Active Nitrogen-Oxygen Atoms-Ketene Flames
Brunetti. B., Casoli. C., Nardi, Liuti. G.
V: Current and Future Activities in Plasma Chemistry, a Panel Discussion
download V.1On Classification of Plasmachemical Processes and Certain Kinetic Peculiarities in Quasi-Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Conditions
Khait. Y.L.
download V.2Presentations of the Activity of the Subcommission
Suhr. H.
download V.3Methods of Measurements of Rotational and Vibrational Temperatures and of the Populations of Rotational and Vibrational States from Electronic Emission Spectra of Diatomic Molecules
Fauchais. P.
download V.4An Action to Improve Industrial-Government University Cooperation: the Industrial Liaison Committee
Bonet. C.
A: Contributions from the Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy, Moscow
download A.1Nonequilibrium Plasma Chemistry
Ivanov. A.A., Legasov. V.A.
download A.2On the Application of a Plasma-Beam Discharge in Plasma Chemistry
Ivanov. A.A., Soboleva. T.K.
download A.3Stationary Slightly-Ionized Plasma Centrifuge
Babaritsky. A.I., Ivanov. A.A., Severay. V.V., Shapkin. V.V.
download A.4Use of the Magnetoacoustic Resonance in Plasma Chemistry for Electron Heating
Ivanov. A.A., Krasheninnikov. S., Yushmanov. P.N.
download A.5Plasmachemical Process in the Nonself-Discharge Stimulated by the Relativistic Electron Beam in the High Pressure O2-N2 Mixture
Grabovsky. E.V., Denisenko. V.P., Kasakov. Ju.B., Maksimov. G.P., Rusanov. V.D.
download A.6The Synthesis Nonequilibrium Processes Investigation of Nitrogen Oxides in Plasmachemistry Microwave Reactor in Magnetic Field
Asisov. R.I., Zhivotov. V.K., Krotov. M.F., Rusanov. V.D., Tarasov. Yu.V.
download A.7Spectroscopic Studies of a Stationary Slightly Ionized Centrifuge
Zuzunashvili. A.I., Tcherkasova. E.K., Shapkin. V.V.
download A.8Probing of a Chemically Active Plasma with a Molecular Beam
Artsimovich. L.L., Danko. S.A., Nodoseev. S.L., Filki. D.G.