Board of Directors (2020, 2021)

The board of directors (BoD) is in charge of all aspects regarding the international plasma chemistry society. This is in particular selecting the venues and organizers of bi-annual ISPC conference.

  • The BoD consists of 12 to 18 members: 5 from Europe and Middle east, 3 from the Americas, 4 from Africa, Asia and Oceania, 2 members at large.
  • The BoD is elected by the IPCS members for a period of four years, one direct re-election possible.
  • The BoD may elect members at-large with a term of four years. The members at large have full rights in the BoD. At each election, a new member at large should be elected.
  • The BoD may also elect co-opted members who have advisory status.
  • BoD Members, who miss two consecutive meetings without excuse forfeit their membership.

At each ISPC conference an election takes place to replace expiring BoD members.


Member status region term exp.
Europe and Middle East (5)        
Jan BENEDIKT (Germany)   EME 1st 2021
Annemie BOGAERTS (Belgium) vice-president EME 2nd 2021
Petr LUKES (Czech Republic)   EME 1st 2021
Christophe LAUX (France)   EME 1st 2021
Deborah O'CONNELL (UK)   EME 1st  2021
Eric ROBERT (France) at large EME 1st  2021
Dirk HEGEMANN (Switzerland) treasurer, co-opted EME --- 2021
Natalia BABAEVA (Russia) at large EME 1st 2023
Americas (3)        
Sylvain COULOMBE (Canada) president, co-opted A   2021
Lorenzo MANGOLINI (USA)   A 1st 2023
Luc STAFFORD (USA)   A 1st 2023
Peter BRUGGEMAN (USA)   A 2nd 2021
Bruce LOCKE (USA) at large A 1st 2021
Africa, Asia and Oceania (4)        
Tomohiro NOZAKI (Japan)   AAO 1st 2023
Masaya SHIGETA (Japan)   AAO 1st 2023
Hai-Xing WANG (China)   AAO 1st 2023
Takayuki WATANABE  (Japan)   AAO 1st 2021
Yuan-Hong SONG  (China) at large AAO 1st 2021
Hyun-Ha KIM (Japan) at large AAO 1st 2021
Hae June LEE (S. Korea) at large AAO 1st 2023