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ISPC 21 Proceedings

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The invited paper of IPSC 21 are published in Plasma Chemistry and Plasma Processing 


 Editorial: Anthony B. Murphy Pages 361-362

Plasma Processing and Polymers: A Personal Perspective
Michael R. Wertheimer Pages 363-376

Plasma Processing Based Synthesis of Functional Nanocarbons
Rikizo Hatakeyama, Toshiaki Kato, Yongfeng Li… Pages 377-402

A Model of Plasma-Biofilm and Plasma-Tissue Interactions at Ambient Pressure
C. Chen, D. X. Liu, Z. C. Liu, A. J. Yang… Pages 403-441

Investigation of Electrode Phenomena in an Innovative Thermal Plasma Process for Glass Melting
Takayuki Watanabe, Yaping Liu, Manabu Tanaka Pages 443-456

Measurement of Reactive Hydroxyl Radical Species Inside the Biosolutions During Non-thermal Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet Bombardment onto the Solution
Yong Hee Kim, Young June Hong, Ku Youn Baik… Pages 457-472

Aerosol-Assisted Atmospheric Pressure Cold Plasma Deposition of Organic–Inorganic Nanocomposite Coatings
Fiorenza Fanelli, Francesco Fracassi Pages 473-487

Numerical Modeling of an RF Argon–Silane Plasma with Dust Particle Nucleation and Growth Pulkit Agarwal, Steven L. Girshick Pages 489-503

Two-Dimensional Geometry Control of Graphene Nanoflakes Produced by Thermal Plasma for Catalyst Applications
J.-L. Meunier, N.-Y. Mendoza-Gonzalez… Pages 505-521

Three-Dimensionally Integrated Micro-solution Plasma: Numerical Feasibility Study and Practical Applications
Tatsuru Shirafuji, Ayano Nomura, Yuta Himeno Pages 523-534

Self-Assembly in Silane/Hydrogen Plasmas: from Silicon Atoms to Aromatic Silicon Nanocrystals
Nancy C. Forero-Martinez, Ha-Linh Thi Le… Pages 535-543

Nanoengineered Plasma Polymer Films for Biomaterial Applications
Krasimir Vasilev Pages 545-558

Two-Temperature Chemical-Nonequilibrium Modelling of a High-Velocity Argon Plasma Flow in a Low-Power Arcjet Thruster
Hai-Xing Wang, Wei-Ping Sun, Su-Rong Sun… Pages 559-577

Fundamentals and Environmental Applications of Non-thermal Plasmas: Multi-pollutants Emission Control from Coal-Fired Flue Gas
Shuran Li, Yifan Huang, Feifei Wang, Ji Liu… Pages 579-603

OH Dynamics in a Nanosecond Pulsed Plasma Filament in Atmospheric Pressure He–H2O upon the Addition of O2
T. Verreycken, P. J. Bruggeman Pages 605-619

Plasma Bromination of Graphene for Covalent Bonding of Organic Molecules
Jörg F. Friedrich, Gundula Hidde, Andreas Lippitz… Pages 621-645

Enhanced Thrust Due to Ion–Neutral Collisions for Electric Propulsion
Amnon Fruchtman Pages 647-660

Nucleophilic Derivatization of Polyethylene Surfaces Treated in Ambient-Pressure N2–H2 DBD Post Discharges
Zohreh Khosravi, Claus-Peter Klages Pages 661-669

Effect of Nanoparticles on Discharge Plasma and First Steps of Their Formation
I. V. Schweigert, A. L. Alexandrov, D. A. Ariskin Pages 671-702