The title of Fellow of IPCS recognizes unusual distinction in the profession and shall be conferred by the Board of Directors upon a person with an extraordinary record of accomplishments in the field of Plasma Chemistry. The IPCS aims at awarding the title of Fellow of IPCS to no more than three percent of its active members. 

  • Ricardo d’Agostino
  • Maher Boulos
  • Pierre Fauchais
  • Steven Girshick
  • Joachim Heberlein
  • Charles Kruger
  • Emil Pfender
  • Jean-Michel Pouvesle
  • Andre Ricard
  • Daan Schram
  • Harald Suhr
  • Kunihide Tachibana
  • Stan Veprek
  • Toyonobu Yoshida
  • Hynek Biederman
  • Mark Kushner
  • Alex Fridman
  • Michael Wertheimer
  • C. Wu 
  • Uwe Kortshagen
  • Rod Boswell
  • Norihiro Inagaki
  • Uli Kogelschatz
  • Pietro Favia
  • Michael Lieberman
  • Armelle Vardelle
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