International Plasma Chemistry Society


Nomination procedure

The Young Investigator Award (YIA) recognizes the outstanding career of a young researcher in the field relevant to the International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry (ISPC). Up to two YIAs will be announced during the closing ceremony of the ISPC conference.

The nomination of a candidate for the YIA must be submitted prior to the conference in the following manner;

  • The candidate must be within ten years after receiving his/her Ph.D. degree.
  • Anyone who knows the candidate’s research career well can nominate him/her for the YIA.
  • The nominator must submit a nomination letter (one-page maximum) and a CV of the candidate by e-mail directly to `the president and vice-president of the IPCS.
  • The nomination letter should clearly state the past achievements of the candidate.
  • No self-nomination will be accepted.


  • Dr. Jacopo Profill (2023)
  • Dr. Yaolin Wang (2023)